Encore une histoire avec des migrants ! (salauds !!)

April is Guitar Month at Sims Music, so we are going to be celebrating some of our favorite brands all month long. Today’s #simsvendorspotlight is Gretsch Guitars. In 1883 at just 27 years old, German immigrant, Friedrich Gretsch, began manufacturing banjos, tambourines, and drums out of his shop in Brooklyn, New York. Gretsch quickly became a leading manufacturer of American musical instruments, having much success with drum manufacturing. It was not until 1939 that Gretsch introduced its first electric guitar, the Electromatic. Once Gretsch introduced guitars to the lineup, It was not long until Chet Atkins became an endorser. This endorsement catapulted Gretsch into the spotlight alongside competitors Gibson, Fender and Rickenbacker. Gretch guitars have since been seen in the arms of musicians like Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Eric Clapson, Pete Townshend (the Who), Lady Gaga, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), and Brian Setzer. . . . . . . . Photo ©2013 Chris Gill

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Warwick s’engage pour un peu d’humanité dans « l’affaire des réfugiés »

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Bonne initiative des allemands de Warwick (qui fabrique de super basses, j’ai une Corvette Std qui est top) accompagnés par une partie de la presse musicale rock germaine, pour soutenir les associations d’aide aux réfugiés de guerre.
Le format est classique, on achète un T-Shirt, une partie des gains est reversée.

Dear Luc Saint-Elie,

I’d like to let you know about a campaign we are starting to support refugees and to make a clear statement against racism all over the world and especially in Germany. We want to make a clear statement, that people who leave home and flee hundreds of kilometers under degrading conditions and mortal danger to escape from war, hunger or political persecution, should be welcomed with a warm heart – and not with violence and hate.

From this idea, the Guitarists and Bassists Against Racists campaign was born. We are printing special T-shirts for Guitar and Bass players, as shown in the attachments.

We are joining forces with German guitar magazine Gitarre & Bass, Helmut Hattler (Bass Player from the well-known German Progressive Band Kraan) and lastly the shirt company Druckhaus Leipzig, who are printing the shirts. We hope that you will join us in supporting this cause too!

Would you like to Help Us?
– Buy one or more t-shirts! – The price for one T-shirt is 9.90 € (shipment excluded), and from each t-shirt the full profit of 2€ will be directly donated to PRO Asyl (http://www.proasyl.de/), a prestigious German organization dedicated to supporting refugees. You can buy them here. http://warwick.de/en/Framus—Company–Guitarists-against-Racists.html#current_site_id

Please understand that we do not make any profit on this campaign, we are doing it strictly to support refugees as we are on the first line against racism! With 14 different nations represented among our employees this campaign hits very close to home.

>For more info about promoting the campaign together contact Florence Wilfer f.wilfer@warwick.de<
We want this campaign to reach many people as possible!

Find further details to our campaign here.

Help us and say NO to racism!
Please Share!

Best Regards


Le Lumix GH2 fait sensation à la Photokina

The Panasonic GH2 is definitely the new benchmark for DSLR video. The 5D Mark II may have a full frame sensor, and the Nikon D3S may have amazing low light performance. But the GH2 has a list as long as your arm in terms of innovative features and advantages over the competition.

  • For a start, we have 1080/60p – a great technical advancement and great for slow motion, previously only an option for 720p.
  • Image quality thanks to the new scaling chip and 3 core CPU looks to be a great step forward for the DSLR video world. The camera resolves a lot more detail than the Canon DSLRs or the Nikon D7000, which look very soft in comparison.
  • The image is free of moire and aliasing.
  • It has simultaneous live HDMI output whilst recording, although yet to see it working for myself. You can capture the feed via Nanoflash or similar. This is fantastic. Not sure yet whether it is uncompressed, probably not – but still great to have for monitoring a feed on set whilst rolling.
  • For run and gun, the AF is by far the best system over Canon and Nikon’s.
  • We have a Cinema 24p mode, cinema picture profile, and innovative touch to focus systems. It is not a dumbed down camera like the Sony NEX VG10 or Sony Alpha DSLRs even though it is aimed firmly at consumers, it doesn’t insult the intelligence of people wanting advanced functionality that the average Joe would never use.
  • The variable frame rates just gives slow motion or speeded up footage, but still it is a great to have this option in-camera for those who don’t know how to produce slow motion with an editing package.
  • The EVF is fantastic – very very big compared to most optical ones on consumer DSLRs.
  • The rotating screen is present and correct, and has much improved colour and clarity.

Against that lot, the 5D Mark II is starting to look like a bit of a one-trick-pony in the same way that the D3S only does one thing well. Canon and Nikon just got beat and it’s time they responded.

Extrait du rapport de EOSHD (le nom du site n’est pas inintéressant)

Les sorties du mois en XJ

Deux longues sorties avec la XJ ces derniers temps.

Tout d’abord un aller-retour Paris–Cologne avec les enfants.

C’était la première fois que nous voyagions à 4 et l’auto s’est merveilleusement comportées. Entre l’espace et le silence, elle s’est transformée en dortoir roulant et/ou salle de jeux pendant la majeure partie du trajet.

Lorsque je parle d’espace c’est en considérant la jeunesse de nos mômes parce que eu égard au gabarit extérieur de l’auto, les places arrières ne sont pas spécialement généreuses en longueur (pour les jambes quoi). En revanche, côté largeur là.. il y a vraiment tout ce qu’il faut voire plus.
Il a neigé en traversant la Belgique, puis le jour du départ. J’avais quelques appréhensions vu que la Jaguar était équipée de pneus Michelin de route. Avec ses deux tonnes, si elle s’était mise à glisser ça aurait pu être folklorique. Rien de tout ça, elle a traversé les intempéries avec une « souveraine » indifférence.

Cette semaine, aller-retour Paris Poitiers pour le boulot. Là c’était plus simple, mais décidément sur les longs parcours elle est impériale.
Jolie rencontre à Poitiers avec l’Ampelidae C un vin blanc local, curieux, mais formidable.
Deux restau sympa à Poitiers (qui par ailleurs est une ville assez triste) : Vingélique et La Gazette.