Warwick s’engage pour un peu d’humanité dans « l’affaire des réfugiés »

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Bonne initiative des allemands de Warwick (qui fabrique de super basses, j’ai une Corvette Std qui est top) accompagnés par une partie de la presse musicale rock germaine, pour soutenir les associations d’aide aux réfugiés de guerre.
Le format est classique, on achète un T-Shirt, une partie des gains est reversée.

Dear Luc Saint-Elie,

I’d like to let you know about a campaign we are starting to support refugees and to make a clear statement against racism all over the world and especially in Germany. We want to make a clear statement, that people who leave home and flee hundreds of kilometers under degrading conditions and mortal danger to escape from war, hunger or political persecution, should be welcomed with a warm heart – and not with violence and hate.

From this idea, the Guitarists and Bassists Against Racists campaign was born. We are printing special T-shirts for Guitar and Bass players, as shown in the attachments.

We are joining forces with German guitar magazine Gitarre & Bass, Helmut Hattler (Bass Player from the well-known German Progressive Band Kraan) and lastly the shirt company Druckhaus Leipzig, who are printing the shirts. We hope that you will join us in supporting this cause too!

Would you like to Help Us?
– Buy one or more t-shirts! – The price for one T-shirt is 9.90 € (shipment excluded), and from each t-shirt the full profit of 2€ will be directly donated to PRO Asyl (http://www.proasyl.de/), a prestigious German organization dedicated to supporting refugees. You can buy them here. http://warwick.de/en/Framus—Company–Guitarists-against-Racists.html#current_site_id

Please understand that we do not make any profit on this campaign, we are doing it strictly to support refugees as we are on the first line against racism! With 14 different nations represented among our employees this campaign hits very close to home.

>For more info about promoting the campaign together contact Florence Wilfer f.wilfer@warwick.de<
We want this campaign to reach many people as possible!

Find further details to our campaign here.

Help us and say NO to racism!
Please Share!

Best Regards


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