Le Lumix GM est une tuerie en photo, ok, mais en vidéo ?

Shot entirely using the tiny new Lumix GM1 and Voigtländer Nokton 25/0.95 MFT lens, handheld. Most of the footage is ungraded but some at the end are graded. A few clips are stabilized in post. Edited in FCPX. Photo Style settings: Standard -5 -4 0 -5
This little pocket camera is a video monster. It’s too small to work fully comfortable but in terms of image it beats the GH3 hands down in low light at ISO3200. Two of the clips shot out the window were recorded at 720p50 but the rest was recorded at 1080p24 AVCHD. 25p in a 50i wrapper is also available on the EU model.
This camera is properly downsampling by pixel-binning on the sensor which most of the competition cannot perform, using the inferior line-skipping method instead. I think the footage from this camera looks beautiful, gradation is really smooth and the highlights clip very nicely. Rumour says the GX7 and GM1 may be using the new Panasonic 4K sensor that will appear in the next GH model in 2014. Who knows. Well I think I’m in love. 🙂
Make sure to download the original 1080p file for best quality!

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