Un utilitaire pour couper les fichiers AVCHD

Pour bricoleurs only.
Cet utilitaire pour Windows permet de couper (en définissant un point d’entrée et un point de sortie) ou de séparer (audio et vidéo) un fichier .mts.
Loin d’être indispensable, mais peut-être que dans certains cas ça peut servir.



TsRemux: Transport Stream De/Re-muxer
Having been inspired by Pelican9’s and DrMpeg’s work, I decided to write a transport stream re-muxer similar in functionality to EvoDemux. Some of the features currently implemented:

  • Removal of source packet header
  • Generation of source packet header
  • Regeneration of DTCP descriptor (all others are kept) which removes analog output restrictions (downrezzing of HD, macrovision etc.)
  • PAT/PMT generation for RAW TS files sourced from Sat/Cable/OTA
  • Async I/O for maximum throughput
  • Ability to trim streams at the beginning and/or the end
  • Ability to pick and choose elementary streams to be kept
  • Ability to remux PCR-less streams
  • Ability to remux program streams (MPG/VOB/EVOB) into TS/M2TS
  • Ability to demux elementary streams as well as subtitle streams compatible with SUPreader (right click the selected stream with the mouse)
  • Fixing PCR/PTS/DTS after a file merge
  • Removing end-of-stream markers for VC1 and AVC after a file merge
  • Ability to inmux SUPreader presentation graphics subtile streams
  • Ability to remux into simple Blu-Ray output (new)
  • Ability to remux MKV into TS (alpha)
  • Ability to extract Dolby Digital from TrueHD in Blu-Ray streams (new)

Current Version 0.0.19


  • All PIDs are now forced to follow Blu-Ray PID requirements
  • My messy C# source code is available upon request via PM.
  • Still working on MKV support
  • Blu-Ray output option is beta quality.
  • Audio PES packets follow the blu-ray standard. (PES stream type 0xFD instead of 0xBD is incompatible with some older splitters/players)
  • HD-DVD to Blu-Ray conversion might have issues due to incompatible DDPlus requirements. Combo-players will have better results than Blu-Ray only.
  • MKV support early alpha quality. MPEG2/AC3 seems to work, others don’t.

Download link

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